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The Divine Judgement

But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished,
as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." ~Revelation 10:7

Divine judgement

This world is ruled by fallen interdimensional, invisible angelic forces largely unseen and unacknowledged in our day to day physical reality.

The cosmological context of life on Earth is one that is embedded in a monothestic (belief in One God) theology. This theology is represented scripturally and spiritually by the world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which together comprise the faith and belief of roughly 2/3rds of humanity. Buddhism, hinduism, sikhism, taoism, jainism etc...are all anticillary religions subservient to the core theological and eschatological (end time) revelations and scriptural teachings of monotheisic faith regarding our cooperative evolution, maturity, advancement as a species.

Islam is the largest and fastest growing religion on Earth. With a global population of 1.8 billion in 2020, that figure is expected to reach 3 billion by 2030 (roughly 1/3rd of the projected total global population of 9 billion). Islam, via the Holy Koran, represents the words and works of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit itself that is slated to completely take out, imprison and punish the fallen, interdimensional, alien, luciferian, angelic forces who now currently overshadow, control and direct the suicidal and ecocidal affairs of Mankind. As the collective consciousness field matrix of Islam increases worldwide, so shall the coming divine judgement of these fallen, evil, retrograde, vile, interdimensional creatures become magnified, made aware of and eventually externalized. Simply stated, Islam (via the Holy Spirit) is the ONE FORCE that is capable of permanently taking out the Luciferian rebellion- both in the heavenly realms and on Earth.

Lucifer and the 1/3rd of the heavenly angelic host who fell from Paradise in historical antiquity are the root cause of all war, suffering, pain, destruction and dysfunctionality on Earth today. They are dark, demonic interdimensional alien creatures who feed off and direct the fallen affairs of Man.

Its time to go after these creatures.

As physical earth beings from below, our species can help raise the world consciousness vibrational field simply by exposing these interdimensional fallen angelic forces for who and what they really are. Together with the coming forces of the kingdom of heaven from above, we can put these fallen angelic creatures in a pincer, which will, in essence, tighten the noose around their collective necks. For when all is said and done, it is Jesus Christ himself who is coming back in Flaming Fire to put a permanent end to these fallen angelic interdimensional demonic filth and their physically possessed minions here on Earth.

The international jewish/zionist Rothschild banking cartel, headquartered in the City of london, UK, is today the richest and most powerful transnational corporate empire on Earth. It was referred to by Jesus Christ (the Messiah) as the latter day "Synagogue of Satan" in holy scripture. As such, zionist Rothschild jewry is the temporal root cause of all worldly evil on the planet, as well as the source of all current social, envronmental, political, economic, cultural and religious corruption and destruction occuring in our global society today. They are, in essence, the primary conduits for the evil, fallen, interdimensional angelic forces that overshadow, possess and direct their new world order plans for total world domination and control in service to Lucifer, the prince and power of the air.

The invisible, interdimensional fallen angelic beings that encircle humanity feed off the energetic eminations of phyisical human beings on Earth. Since they are eternally cut-off from the Creator, their only source of energy and sustanence is to parasitically draw energy from lower life forms who ignorantly and unwittingly provide for their continued existence.

The way to overcome and defeat these creatures is to cut off their energy source. This will require that the human species evolve into more intelligent, more just, more conscious, more peaceful and more spiritually oriented dispositions.

Since these interdimensional creatures "feed" off the negative vibrational patterns and consciousness of war, conflict, hatred, division, death and destruction, the best and only way to overcome them is to deny them their sustanence and help evolve the collective human mind, body and spirit into more empathetic, kind, compassionate, loving forms of existence.

The more our species sins, the stronger these creatures become. To the degree that Man repents of his dark sins and seeks the light and liberation of repentence and the glory of God, so shall these interdimensional creatures fall by the wayside and into the dustbin of human evolutionary history.

The victory from within (the holy jihad) through submission to the will of God (the purpose of Islam) will naturally resonate and join forces with the coming victory from above through Jesus Christ (the Messiah) who is coming back to put an eternal end to the Luciferian empire and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth for all time.

Selah, Amen, Salaam

Jonas the Prophet
Messenger of the Covenant
Planet Earth

June 21, 2022


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